Saturday, December 9, 2017

Harvest time

How many years have I been doing this? Riding the combine with Grandpa during wheat harvest?
(June 11, 2017)

My BFF & His Dog & Me

I love it when Morty and Julian get to spend the night at my house.
(June 10, 2017)

My BFF & Me

Guess who's having a sleepover? 
(June 9, 2017)

A sickly kid

This is what it looks like to wake up feeling crummy after a night of feeling really crummy.
(June 8, 2017)

A budding entrepreneur

Time to count all the money I earned taking care of Bob for Grandma & Grandpa.
(June 7, 2017)

Bedtime routine

It's not every night Maria comes over just to make sure my hair is brushed before I go to bed. 
(June 6, 2017)

(June 5, 2017)