Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A fabulous fundraiser

I'm not sure how me completing an obstacle course raises money, but I was happy to show support for my school.
(March 9, 2017)

Magnificent magnifying glass

Time to investigate, a little more closely, all of the things I've found.
(March 8, 2017)

Cleaning the car

Vacuuming the Subaru is really kinda fun.
(March 7, 2017)

Power Helen

I have superpowers. I'm not sure what they are, but I have them.  
(March 6, 2017)

Another commercial success

Mommy reminded me there are no small parts, only small actors
(March 5, 2017)

Tall Helen and Small Helen

I'm breaking in a new babysitter. The good news is that I'll never forget her name!
(March 4, 2017)

Army guys

No battles here. I'm more interested in logistics and organizing all of these little pieces-n-parts.
(March 3, 2017)

Finally, someone to wear me out

Cameron is able to hang with my high energy level. 
(March 2, 2017)

The big load-out

Still helping dad pack for basketball tournaments. 
(March 1, 2017)

Get out the gardening gloves

I have big plans, and I mean BIG plans, for Mommy's backyard this year
(February 28, 2017)

A shocking realization

What do you mean it's only Monday?
(Feb. 27, 2017)

This old man

We counted the rings, and this poor tree was 64 years older than I am. 
(Feb. 26, 2017)

A little artmaking

Having Ms. Stucky, my Riverside art teacher, at the museum today to help out was so much fun!
(February 25, 2017)


I'm ready for the weekend!
(February 24, 2017)

Cash for teeth

That tooth I lost last week? I'm just now getting my payment from the Tooth Fairy.
(February 23, 2017)

Night Rider

Now that I've learned to ride without training wheels, any time I can get a bike ride in is a good time.
(February 22, 2017)

Sunday, May 14, 2017


That old tree may not provide shade anymore, but it sure provides a lot of fun now. 
(Feb. 21, 2017)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Heading back home

Ella, Georgia and I had only a little time in the morning to play with Cousin Nita's paper dolls before it was time to put them on an airplane and me in the car. 
(February 20, 2017)

Family picture time

The next time we all get together for a photo opp, Aunt Laura and Uncle Turkey will have my new baby cousin to add to our group!
(February 19, 2017)

A bedtime story

When it comes to reading bedtime stories, we can all agree on at least one: Pete the Cat.
(February 18, 2017)

Road trip to Dallas

Let's get there as fast as we can--I have my D.C. cousins to see!
(February 17, 2017)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tangled up in Blue

I went to work with Dad after school today, which included blue skies and this very fun pedestrian bridge.
(Feb. 16, 2017)