Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What tangled mess?

I find it's much easier to brush my own hair when I use this side of the brush. 
(April 27, 2015)

Something's fishy

Aquarium Oklahoma in Tulsa seemed to have every shape and size of fish in the ocean. 
(April 26, 2015)

All aboard!

This sushi restaurant in Tulsa combined my love of two things: Toys and edamame. The Sushi train goes around to all the diners, and when you see something you want, you just grab it off this toy train as it passes by. In fact, I loved it so much, I sang a song about it.
(April 25, 2015)

Freddy's Friday

No better way to welcome the weekend than a dinner trip to Freddy's.
(April 24, 2015)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A delicious dinner out

What a treat when Grandma & Grandpa take me to Granite City!
(April 23, 2015)

Sick day

Nothing like a two-hour nap to help me recover from whatever this is that I've got. It really is true: sleepytime is crucial.
(April 22, 2015)

Picking a winner

(April 21, 2015)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Little girl, big sound

Learning how to rock, just like the good Lord intended. 
(April 20, 2015)

Squirmy wormy

Found some worms while helping to plant some herbs. Not entirely sure what I'm gonna do with them now that I've found 'em.
(April 19, 2015)

Bugs still don't bug me

The KPTS Kids Club made a return visit to the Bug Lady. I touched a lot of crawly creatures--A LOT-- but the worms were my favorite.
(April 18, 2015)

Daddy/Daughter date

Dad and I went to the movies tonight and shared this giant bucket of popcorn. 
(Aprill 17, 2015)

Crazy clean

Just a typical bath experience. 
(April 16, 2015)

Sharpening those soccer skillz

I spent part of Tax Day at soccer practice, working on "tick tock, tick dock" drills and practicing dribbling the ball with both feet.
(April 15, 2015)

A beautiful day in the gardens

Room 7 took another awesome field trip, this time to Botanica. Connor's dad snapped a pic of us admiring the tulips--we could look and smell the flowers as much as we wanted, we just couldn't pick them.
(April 14, 2015)

Dead tired

Had a long weekend and and a busy Monday. Sleep came easily tonight. 
(April 13, 2015)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Saying goodbye on Sunday

I've got the luggage cart. Time to check out of the hotel, hop on a plane, and head back to Kansas.
(April 12, 2015)

Playtime with my cousins

A nice day in D.C. gave Aunt Laura the chance to take us the three of us to park for some quality time outside.
(April 11, 2015)

A trip to DC

On this visit to our nation's capital, it was time for Eleanor Josephine to get baptized. I told her it would be a breeze.
(April 10, 2015)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

What's the MSRP?

I've got my Shopping Time Cash Register, and I'm ready for the next customer.
(April 9, 2015)

Checking the radar?

We couldn't be convinced that the tornado sirens weren't meant for us. Or maybe we just put on a great performance to delay bedtime. 
(April 8, 2015)

One kid, one vote

I've been through this process before. Thank goodness there were still plenty of "I Voted" stickers left for me to have.
(April 7, 2015)

Storming the castle

We love playing at "The Castle." Tonight, we snuck inside to explore. 
(April 6, 2015)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter!

This year I got to dye all of the eggs AND hide all of the eggs AND hunt for all of the eggs. Good thing there are plenty of hiding places in Aunt Laura and Uncle Heath's backyard.
(April 5, 2015)

A little soccer practice

I may be the next Mia-Hamm-in-training, but I'm no match for Uncle Heath.
(April 4, 2015)

Going up?

It's true. I could ride the Embassy Suites elevator all. day. long.
(April 3, 2015)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rocking a new look

Updated my wardrobe with this vintage tee. 
(April 2, 2015)

One thirsty cat

My kitty Meow Meow need a drink, so I was happy to oblige. 
(April 1, 2015)

One thirsty girl

Drinking bottled water? Nah, a pull from the water jug in the tractor will do just fine.
(March 31, 2015)

Carrot catcher

It took a few tries, but I caught a carrot in my mouth after dad flung it across the table. 
(March 30, 2015)

Big payoff

Our reward for a day running errands was a trip to our favorite park. 
(March 29, 2015)

Exploring Kansas

We made a trip up the Flint Hills today and explored this old ranch property
(March 28, 2015)

Returning home

Dad's been gone a lot lately covering college basketball. I can tell just how long he's been gone by how long the stubble on his chin has grown. 
(March 27, 2015)