Thursday, January 28, 2016

Feeling icky

I wasn't feeling well when I got picked up from school. The thermometer read 99.6. A little medicine and rest seemed to solve the problem.
(Jan. 25, 2016)

Sunday swim

Toys. Rings. Goggles. Floaty things. I'm ready for some quality time with the pool. 
(January 24, 2016)

Family ArtVenture

Julian and I spent Saturday at "Art Ice Capades" with ice carving, ice sculpting, and some time outside checking out the sculpture in WAM's new Art Garden. 
(January 23, 2016)


Sticking out my tongue is not usually blog-approved, but hey, it's Friday, and I'm ready for the weekend.
(January 22, 2016)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Crunch Sandwich

It wasn't Cap'n Crunch between white bread, but croutons on top of garlic bread made the same noise as this famous cinema sandwich.
(Jan. 21, 2016)

Mayday! Mayday!

I managed to get my foot stuck between the ribs of the chair back tonight. Dad's idea of lubing up my ankle with Aquaphor sounded about as awful as him solving the problem with a hacksaw. Oddly, between my cries of distress, my lubed-up ankle slid right out without me even noticing. 
(Jan. 20, 2016)

The power of cookies

My reward for taking a (rare) nap at school? Getting to go home & bake chocolate chip cookies for my classmates!
(January 19, 2016)

Role playing

In my imaginary world of "Frozen" playtime, I always play the roles of Elsa and Hans, and Dad is always Kristoff and Anna. Always. 
(Jan. 18, 2016)

Connoisseur of fine desserts

I cut the strawberries. I even whipped the cream. I'll do just about anything for a tasty dessert. 
(Jan. 17, 2016)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The look on my face

This is my reaction to "you're going to make me take a nap?"
(January 16, 2016)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meeting the "Miracle Man"

Paid a visit to Mr. Kear today. He said he once had a band-aid on his head, too. Only much bigger. 
(Jan. 15, 2016)

Who again is Jackson Pollock?

I know as much about Abstract Expressionism as I did this time last year. Truth be told, I just wanna paint. 
(January 14, 2016)

Permanent party room

You know what this room needs? Another great party!
(January 13, 2016)

A clean room

Let's see how long my room can stay clean. 
(January 12, 2016)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I wear a band aid on my forehead with style. Complete with the appropriate sad face. 
(Jan. 11. 2016)

Lunch combo

A peanut butter/grated cheddar cheese/raspberry sandwich? My favorite!
(January 10, 2016)

Super-busy Saturday

Swimming lessons started back up so I went there first, and then it was off to Nikko's birthday party. Not pictured: the 90-minute nap I took that afternoon to recover from all of the activity.
(January 9, 2016)

Tough as nails

The door at Ninza Sushi was no match for my head. Poor door.
(January 8, 2016)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Story time

Even Alexis struggles to read the words "Emily Elizabeth" over and over again. 
(Jan. 7, 2016) 

Use the Force

Surely this toothpaste will prevent cavities. 
(Jan. 6, 2016)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Where's Helen?

I've created the best hiding place in my room.
(January 5, 2016)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The girl with the most mustard

I have no use for ketchup. It's all mustard for this girl. 
(Jan. 4, 2015)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Make Another New Friend

Darth Vader. Right there in the middle of Toys-R-Us. How about that. 
(Jan. 3, 2016)

Make a New Friend

This time I really got the Sesame Street Live hook-up: front row seats again plus the opportunity to meet Grover, Elmo, and Cookie Monster before showtime. 
(January 2, 2016)

Consolation prize

Dad and I tried to go see "The Good Dinosaur" at the movie theatre, but it was sold out. We went to Orange Leaf instead. Who needs a movie when you have chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, sprinkles and M&M's?
(Jan. 1, 2016)

Five year olds unite!

Elizabeth lives just around the corner. It sure is nice having another 5 year old in the neighborhood. 
(Dec. 31, 2015)

Smaller is better

Rather than complain about the small amount of snow that fell, I just made a small snowman. 
(Dec. 30, 2015)

A long time ago....

I've recently discovered the amazing world of "Star Wars." However, I'm struggling to remember this guy's name. I say "Eye-ota," Dad says "Yoda."
(Dec. 29, 2015)

Snow angel

Don't tell me, after the first snowfall of the year, there's not enough snow on the ground to make a snow angel. 
(December 28, 2015)

Very pretty things

Anything shiny and sparkly always gets my attention.
(December 27, 2015)

School's in session

Stuffed animals make the best students. They're always so quiet and attentive in my class.
(December 26, 2015)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Ended a perfect Christmas holiday with a evening walk on a beautiful winter night. 
(Dec. 25, 2015)

Rapt audience

Lillian and I spent Christmas Eve watching "Hotel Translyvania." Oddly, it has nothing to do with Christmas. 
(Dec. 24, 2015)

Jump for Joy!

Santa was very good to me. This can only mean one thing: I must have been very good this year. 
(Dec. 23, 2015)