Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oh, the horror!

All it takes to transform into something spooky is a couple of flashlights. 
(April 3, 2017)

What laundry?

If I pretend to be engrossed by what's in front of me, does this mean I don't have to help fold laundry?
(April 2, 2017)

Driving Miss Helen

They take me wherever I want to go. 
(April 1, 2017)

Tree-climbing at its best

One of these days I'll climb higher. And higher. And higher.
(March 31, 2017)

Toddler attack!

I've been attacked by a cute toddler, and I love it!
(March 30, 2017)

Out for a stroll

Freshening up those bike riding skills. 
(March 29, 2017)

West side flora

I'm attracted to any flower that's pink and smells good. 
(March 28, 2017)

Rabbit season

Not to be confused with duck season. 
(March 27, 2017)

Rainy day fun

A rain puddle, plus a boatload of Disney princesses, is really all you need to find happiness. 
(March 26, 2017)

Sometimes you feel like a nap

Unlike previous attempts, this time I took a nap and succeeded admirably.
(March 25, 2017)

Street cred

The neighborhood stray came up to the door tonight. We think it's possible he's the long-lost brother of our kitty Boots, who was also once a kitty of the street. 
(March 24, 2017)

Quality time with Bob

(March 23, 2017)

Sleepy Spring Break

I'm using the week off from school to catch up on my sleep. 
(March 22, 2017)

Sporty Morty

See? I took excellent care of Morty. He almost didn't want to go back home with Julian.
(March 21, 2017)

The pusher returns

Dad's back from Indianapolis, that means there's someone around to push me on the tree swing. 
(March 20, 2017)

Raise your hand if you're a Buffalo Park regular

What a fun day it was to go to the park and play with my friend, Samuel, who just happens to be cousins with my NorthRidge buddy, Isaac.
(March 19, 2017)

Disney on Ice No. 2

Going to an ice skating show at IBA is starting to become a tradition.
(March 18, 2017)

Helen the Dogsitter, at your service

I gotta get a handle on Morty. He's totally in my care while my BFF Julian enjoys his Spring Break.
(March 17, 2017)

A big thanks

Dad came and spoke at Riverside last week, so we made him this giant thank you card. 
(March 16, 2017)

Dinner party

The adult ladies gathered for dinner, but that doesn't interest me much. 
(March 15, 2017)

Sporting the Wichita flag

There's plenty of wind in Kansas, so getting this kite up in the air shouldn't be too difficult.
(March 14, 2017)

Earth to Helen, come in Helen

I seem to be unaware of the fact that I'm holding underwear
(March 13, 2017)

Holding court

In case you haven't already noticed, I have a lot to say. Any audience is welcome. 
(March 12, 2017)

What's this white stuff?

It's been a winter largely without snow. Thankfully Kansas City delivered this weekend. 
(March 11, 2017)

Road trip!

Cameron and I enjoy the in-flight entertainment during a trip to Kansas City. 
(March 10, 2017)