Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking one (photo) for the team

Tonight was team picture night. Kneeling in the grass and holding a pose is not as easy as it looks.
(September 29, 2015)

No pictures, please

I tried to hide while getting my picture taken, but Dad's pretty fast on the shutter. 
(Sept. 28, 2015)

She shoots... SHE SCORES!!!!!

Two soccer games in a row now where I've scored a goal. Carli Lloyd had better watch out. 
(Sept. 27, 2015)

Welcome to the club

Julian has been my bestie for a long time. I helped him join the five-year-olds club today. He's my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. 
(Sept. 26, 2015)


Meow Meow had missing for quite some time. Turns out she'd been hiding out under some couch cushions all this time. 
(Sept. 25, 2015)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Woof Gang Bakery

These treats look good enough to eat. Too bad they're for my four-legged friends.
(September 24, 2015)

S'mores, anyone?

A visit from the Ackermans tonight gave me the opportunity to cook my dinner outside.
(September 23, 2015)

Brush, brush, brush

Dr. Walker told me to be sure I brush my molars in the back.That's how I get good marks at my regular check-ups.
(September 22, 2015)

Monday, September 28, 2015


I helped dad spell out the letters on this new hoodie he got for his birthday. He did go to Nebraska, after all. 
(Sept. 21, 2015)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

To Maharashtra, with love

It'd been a while since the Rotary GSE team had gotten together, so it was fun to catch up and plan a future trip to India.
(September 20, 2015)

Highs and lows

I started the day off scoring my first two goals (two goals!) ever at my soccer game, but by the early evening I was feeling pretty crummy. 
(September 19, 2015)

Dinner delivery

I can always bring Freddy's Frozen Custard to the farm, but I'm still too young to make a B-double-E-double-R-U-N. 
(September 18, 2015)

Say what?

If I just put my head down in the water, I can pretend I can't hear Dad telling me we have to get the rest of the soap out of my hair. 
(Sept. 17, 2015)


I really didn't want chicken quesadilla for dinner so I held a rather lengthy protest. In the end, I decided that dessert was a worthy prize, so I ate my dinner. 
(Sept. 16, 2015)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Super soccer drills

Get up, stand up, come on! Here we are limbering up before practice.
(September 15, 2015)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Miss Congeniality

I held the door for these two elderly gents without anyone even asking me to. 
(Sept. 14, 2015)

Another fair day

Made my annual trip to the Kansas State Fair today. 
(Sept. 13, 2015)

Color on the (bare) walls

A minor basement remodeling project gave me a major opportunity to leave my mark on the walls forever.
(September 12, 2015)

In the spotlight

"No Neesey, I do not understand what you mean. That flashlight in my eyes doesn't bother me in the least. Now give it back to me."

Sept. 11, 2015)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chatting away

I'm not sure I'll ever need a cell phone since the landline is all mine. 
(September 10, 2015)

Friday, September 11, 2015

The view from down here

Here I am, lying on the bathroom floor, just like in the old days.
(September 9, 2015)

Out for a spin

Why am I not allowed to drive my Jeep in the street? Because I don't have a license, proper registration, or insurance, says Mommy.
(September 8, 2015)

Labor Day fun

Holidays with friends and no school are the best. 
(Sept. 7, 2015) 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm so fancy

Iggy Azalea/Charli XCX are on my playlist in the car so when "Fancy" comes up, it's time to get down. Everybody get down.
(September 6, 2015)

A zillion amphibians

Here a frog, there a frog, everywhere a frog, FROG! I saw dozens of them at the pond on Grandpa's farm.
(September 5, 2015)

Cooked to order

My post-birthday celebration included all the rice I could eat and a fire show!
(September 4, 2015)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Playing favorites

I've got plenty of blankets, but it's hard to part with this old standby.
(Sept. 3, 2015)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A visit from the Tooth Fairy is imminent

You read it here first, folks, and Ms. Darla has it on video: I have a loose tooth!
(September 1, 2015)

More party prep

Decorative ribbon mummy and blue icing. It's starting to get real.
(Aug. 31, 2015)

Party prep

Got a big event coming up in a few day. We've got work to do. 
(Aug 30, 2015)

Time for a trim

School pictures are coming up next week, and I've gotta look my best.
(August 29, 2015)


No one was injured in the making of this photo, but there were a couple of close calls. 
(Aug. 28, 2015)

Fabulous field trip

I and the rest of Room 9 took our first school field trip of the year to Tanganyika Wildlife Park and boy, did we get close to the wildlife!
(August 27, 2015)

Great garage sale

The 25-cent pink Etch-A-Sketch was only 10 cents after I bargained with Sheree and Jack at their garage sale. I sure hope they make a pile o' money like Bill and Dawn did at their sale.
(August 26, 2015)

Fancy footwork

My preference is to only go to soccer games, but I've got to practice, too, if I want to improve my soccer skills.
(August 25, 2015)